Separating from your partner is a decision nobody wants to have to make, and not one that should be taken lightly – but sometimes being trapped in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy can be much worse for your whole family.

But once you have made the decision to separate, and once you have told your partner of your intentions, what are your next steps? How can you complete the separation as painlessly as possible in a way that is acceptable for both parties? Let’s take a look at what you should do next.

Grab All Personal Documents

Despite the desire to take sentimental objects with you, the best thing you can do is to make sure that you have any and all documentation that pertains to you and will be useful when you are living independently.

This includes everything from passports and your driving licence to your birth certificate, healthcare card, insurance documents, citizenship information, tax documents, bank statements and superannuation statements. These could all be useful in any property proceedings and will certainly be useful in establishing an independent life for yourself.

Think About Division Of Assets

While the focus of your discussions will probably be centered around your relationship and family, one of the first discussions you should be having is around your personal property and assets, including things like houses, cars, superannuation and possessions.

Sadly, one of the thorniest and most difficult elements of any family law proceeding is how your assets are divided, so setting some ground rules and expectations early can be a great way of helping things along. It will also help with your personal finances and wellbeing to have set budgets and allowances early on, which will in turn reduce potential points of conflict.

Plan For Parenting Arrangements

One of the few things that warring couples can agree on usually is that the interests of their children matter more than anything else, so that should be an early focus of your discussions. The faster you can get a routine and some concrete parenting arrangements established around their living situation, the happier they will be in the long run.

The worst thing that can happen is that the children end up being sent from pillar to post and being used as pawns in your arguments, so the faster you take that off the table the better it will be for everyone. It is best to obtain legal advice early before you put parenting arrangements in.

Get Legal Advice

Most couples hope that their separation can be carried out amicably, but even partners committed to a peaceful solution can benefit from legal advice to establish what their rights are and what their best options are.

This doesn’t mean fighting your ex-partner across a courtroom but having legal advice when you’re preparing your family law documents and setting up your future parenting arrangements and financial affairs can take a load off your mind during an incredibly stressful time, and make sure you’re mentally healthy during the process.

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