Estate Law

Will and Estate Law On the Central Coast

You need these documents if you want your legal, financial and lifestyle affairs in order. Linda can provide advice and prepare these documents for you, allowing you to rest easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your affairs are in order during your lifetime and beyond.

A will is a legal document that names the people you want to receive the property and possessions you own at the date of your death. A valid will is one that has been accepted by a court and put into effect by a grant of probate.

A ‘Power of Attorney’ is a document you can sign to appoint another person (called your attorney) to act for you in relation to financial affairs. An enduring power of attorney is a legal document which you can use to appoint a person to make decisions about your property or financial affairs if you lose mental capacity.

An enduring guardian is someone you appoint at a time when you have capacity.

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Estate Matters

Estate work usually includes obtaining a grant of probate and administering the estate when there is a will. However, if there is no will it would involve obtaining Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court. This means determining who are the appropriate people to inherit, that is, effectively the next of kin.

Linda has many years of experience and can assist executors and those contesting or defending a will with legal advice for these complex matters.