Advanced Health Care Directive

Advanced Health Care Directive















What is an advanced health care directive?

An advanced health care directive is a document which sets out your wishes regarding health care decisions that should be made when serious illness occurs and end-of-life decisions are necessary. This document will assist the person who is required to make the decisions based on your wishes and what is outlined in the document.

An advanced health care directive is additional to appointing an enduring guardian and usually contains:

  • Details of a person’s health care preferences.
  • Any values and beliefs that may guide future treatment.
  • Instructions regarding the future use or restriction of particular medical treatments.
  • Details of who a person wants to make these decisions for them when they aren’t able to do so.

Capacity and Advanced Health Care Directives

A person’s capacity must be considered at two points in relation to an advanced health care directive:

  1. When the advanced health care directive is being made.
  2. When the advanced health care directive needs to be used.

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