The Importance Of Estate Planning After Separation

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Life doesn’t always go according to plan and this is particularly true when facing the prospect of separation. It’s a period marked by re-evaluation and change, especially concerning your assets and your future. If you are already in the process of separation or you’re considering it, understanding the legalities of estate planning can help you […]

What Should You Not Do During A Separation?

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Choosing to separate from a partner is one of the most emotionally and practically challenging times of your life. While few would wish for a separation, sometimes this is truly the healthiest path for you and your partner to take and can end in both of you being happier in the long run. However, when […]

I Have Told My Partner I Want To Separate – Now What?

Separation - Gavel with Paper Cut Out Of Family Separated

Separating from your partner is a decision nobody wants to have to make, and not one that should be taken lightly – but sometimes being trapped in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy can be much worse for your whole family. But once you have made the decision to separate, and once you have […]

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