Going to court for a family dispute can be a really stressful and upsetting time for everybody involved.


Having a judge decide what should be happening between you and spouse or you and your children is always a last resort if you cannot come to an agreeable conclusion outside of an official courtroom, but here at Linda Emery & Associates we understand that sometimes you have to go the full way in order to come to a solution.


We are a family lawyer on the Central Coast that specialises in the use of family reports to give the best possible overview of any given situation that might need sorting out.


To help give you a better understanding of what we are referring to, here is some information about what family reports are and what they are used for.


A Family Report is a document that is written by a family consultant, with the aim being that it provides an independent assessment of the specific issues in your case to do with parenting.


The point of the document is that it provides a neutral assessment of all the important facts and factors and can assist a judge in making hearing decisions regarding things like parenting of children and further child arrangements.


In order to prepare a Family Report, the consultant will do a number of the following:

  • Carefully consider the individual circumstances of each family member involved in the case.

  • Explore any issues that are relevant to the case and the intended outcomes.

  • Make an impartial recommendation based on the evidence; a recommendation that will always be intended to best meet the needs, welfare and development of the child or children in question.

It is important to remember that the best interests of the child or children will always be the main focus of the Family Report, no matter what personal feelings might be hurt on either side of the legal dispute.


A Family Report is not allowed to be shown to external members of a family. It must only be used by the parties involved in the court case.


So, if you think that you are going to be in need of a family law solicitor in Gosford in the near future, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


A member of the trained and experienced team will be more than happy to discuss your issues and make the right recommendations based on your information.


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