No-one has fun during a divorce, and the entire process of leaving your partner and splitting your possessions can be extremely draining.


At the same time, because you have so many things to organise and arrange, including finding a family lawyer on the Central Coast, it can be hard for you to take the time to care for yourself.

Here are a few things that you should do to take proper care of yourself from Linda Emery & Associates.


Focus upon things you enjoy


When you were married, there were probably things that you would have liked to do but you never had time for. Did you give up a favourite hobby, or stop going somewhere because your partner hated it?

Now you can start doing those things again.


Set goals and find positives


It is important to have something to focus upon when you are trying to get through a divorce, so set yourself little goals. Want to lose weight?


Start it in steps, so that each time you reach your goal you can feel a little bit more positive. Focus on spending more time to your children and finding new things to do with them.


Try self-improvement


There may have been times in your marriage when you felt more like a parent to a child than a spouse.


You can move away from those negative experiences by working to rediscover your true self.

The fun-loving person who enjoyed going to the beach or to the club, rather than sitting in front of the TV watching endless reruns of CSI.


Seek therapy


Now you are separated from your spouse, it would be a good idea to try to refocus your energies on yourself. 

A therapist can help you to move away from your old self, and start making changes to adapt to your new life.


Get help from a lawyer


You won’t be able to manage a divorce by yourself, and you need to see the assistance of a professional who can help you sort through each step in the process.


Linda Emery and Associates can assist you with dealing with your former spouse and all of the legal forms associated with separation and divorce.


Talk to our legal team


When you speak to Linda Emery & Associates, you will get professional help with your divorce which will allow you to attend to your mental wellbeing in your own time.


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