Most cases where you’re involved in a legal dispute, trying to go it alone could be extremely risky and more cost-effective than not having one.


Choosing a local Central Coast solicitor will give you peace of mind because they not only have been in practice for over 30 years, but they know the local Central Coast area and its community.


While the first things that come to mind are the obvious ones like a criminal offence or a divorce, there are many other reasons why you might need a solicitor or a lawyer. Here are a few.


Parenting Resolution

Often divorce can happen quickly, and at the time, the decision you made previously with your ex-partner may not suit your current situation for a host of reasons. You may have never thought you would need a solicitor, but external factors can shift mindsets, and when it comes to children, emotions often run high.


A solicitor can help you with the necessary steps and guide you with the right path of options of family counseling, family dispute resolution, or court proceedings.


According to Money Magazine, over half the adult population doesn’t have a will, which is an astounding 10 million people in Australia. Once you are over 18, it’s essential to have a will, and if you are married or have children, it’s even more critical. Whether you want to make a new will, update an old one or even contest a will, having a solicitor is vital.

A will is a legal document that may be the most important document you will ever sign.  It ensures that your assets and prized possessions go to the people you want, such as your family or friends.


It’s never too late to start a will or get one updated.


Buying or selling property

Buying or selling property is one of the most critical decisions in a person’s life, and perhaps the most bewildering too. Unless you have a legal background, trying to sift through the minefield of legal paperwork, negotiations and calculations can be a daunting task best left to the professionals.


Hiring a conveyancer solicitor means you can concentrate on the other essential things like negotiating the sale of the property and working with your bank.


If you are seeking legal advice on any matter, whether it be Family Law, Refinancing, Conveyancing, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardians, Estate Planning, Debt Recovery, etc., we are available to respond promptly.


We can then talk you through all of the essential issues to protect your interests. Call us today and talk to Linda Emery & Associates, the top solicitor/lawyer on the Central Coast.

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