Needing a Central Coast Solicitor can be very pretty wide-ranging, so we have collected some of the common reasons you may need to call a solicitor.

While it might be a common, if unfortunate, occurrence, relationship breakup is rarely straightforward. Even an amicable breakup will require the division of assets and sometimes parenting agreements regarding your children. Whatever terms you are on with your partner, discussing all of this with a solicitor is a necessary part of breakup and your solicitor can assist with legal advice to formalise any agreement reached.

Even if you have minor traffic offences, you may need to appear in court. There are many other reasons for a court appearance including drink driving, apprehended domestic violence orders, drug offences and assault matters. In these cases, a solicitor can both advise you ahead of your court date and represent you in court. This means that the outcome of your court appearance is more likely to go in your favour, as a solicitor will be skilled in presenting your case and giving you the correct advice.

Nobody likes to think about what happens after we pass on, but writing a will is a vital part of making sure your assets and estate are distributed as you wish after your death. A solicitor can help you to write or rewrite a will in a way that makes it more straightforward for your future beneficiaries. 

There are times when a person is left out of a Will and wants to make a claim. Or if you are the Executor in a Will you need to uphold the terms of a Will. This is a complex area of law with time limitations. A Solicitor can help you navigate this process and minimise the stress. You may need to update your will due to new laws or you want to make some changes, these needs a solicitor/lawyer to address and witness even during COVID 19.

If you have decided it is time to downsize a solicitor can help with the sale of your home and documentation to move into a retirement village.

Property Sales, Purchases & Refinances

Buying property is often one of the most exciting events of your life. Consulting with a solicitor is a vital part of ensuring that your property purchase (or sale) goes through without a hitch. Conveyancing solicitors are experts in this field and can make sure you do not encounter any nasty surprises along the way.

Buying or selling a property can be especially tricky if you are doing it with someone else – for example, buying a property with a partner or selling a property you have inherited with a relative. A conveyancing solicitor can help you every step of the way.

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