What Can A Family Law Solicitor Help With?

Based in Gosford, we have over 30 years of experience operating as Central Coast family lawyers and pride ourselves on offering outstanding emotional and legal support for our clients.

Linda Emery has over 35 years of experience in law as well as expertise in family law, so rest assured our team can inform you of your rights under the law and make deliberate decisions on your behalf. In particular, we cover:

It can be a difficult and stressful time dealing with court and legal proceedings. The legal side can prove confusing and the emotional side can prove distracting and damaging to your everyday life.

This is where family law solicitors step in. They are experts in family law and will be able to offer you advice on these areas as well as legally represent you in court proceedings.

But what do they cover? And what is family law?

Family Law On The Central Coast

Also known as matrimonial law, family law covers all legal and domestic issues within families, including marital, civil, de facto and domestic partnerships.

Generally, family law will cover these areas in terms of the legal separation and end of relationships: divorce, annulment, and legal separation, custody of children, financial support and visitation rights for children, spousal maintenance payments, ancillary relief, and property settlements.

Some family law solicitors will specialise in one of these areas but other firms, such as Linda Emery & Associates, will cover all of these.

What Does A Family Lawyer Specialise In?

A family law solicitor will deal with the legal issues between family members. They will represent and guide you from the outset, assisting negotiate a settlement and formatting any settlement. If court proceedings are commenced Linda Emery & Associates will represent you at each stage of the proceedings. 

At Linda Emery & Associates we also deal with all things relating to Family including Wills, Power of Attorneys, Enduring Guardianship, the sale and purchase of property and superannuation issues.

The day-to-day things a family law solicitor deals with often change rapidly as new cases come up. They will work with all manner of clients, from children up to seniors, and assist many families throughout legal cases.

Among the things they deal with, a family law solicitor will represent clients in court, examine the evidence, negotiate and review court documents, resolve complex claims, reach settlements, liaise with other professionals, patiently manage emotionally-trying circumstances and guide you through the process.

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