Contesting, challenging or defending a Will


Have you been left out of a Will? 


Should you be entitled to a larger bequest in an Estate?

At Linda Emery & Associates, we can provide you with expert legal advice as to whether you are eligible to challenge a Will and whether the Will contains unfair provisions or inadequate provision for you.

Linda Emery is a Gosford based Lawyer with over 30 years experience to help guide you in these important decisions.

You need to be an eligible person in order to challenge a Will. This can include a spouse, former spouse, de facto partner, children, step-children, grandchildren or members of the deceased’s household who were dependant on the deceased. There are conditions on whether you can make a claim and you need to contact Linda Emery & Associates to obtain this expert legal advice.

Can I challenge a Will?

In some circumstances, you can challenge a Will where there is:

1. Undue influence.

2. Fraud.

3. Forgery.

4. The Will maker lacked mental capacity.

Contact Linda Emery & Associates,  your Gosford Lawyer to obtain expert legal advice as to whether you can make a claim.

Is there a time limit in which to challenge a Will?

Yes, there is a time limit. It is crucial to obtain expert legal advice from your Lawyer at Linda Emery & Associates early to avoid being ineligible to make a claim.

Defending a Will

If you are an Executor or beneficiary under a Will, you may need expert legal advice to defend a Will in the event there is a claim made by a third person such as a family member that has been left out of the Will.

At Linda Emery & Associates, we can provide you with this advice and represent you in any litigation that is commenced.  We are conveniently located in Gosford and Linda Emery, Solicitor has over 30 years experience.

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