Estates and Probate

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Sometimes dealing with estate matters is overwhelming for executors.

Linda can provide practical advice to streamline the complex paperwork associated with estates. She can advise on the documentation necessary  to close bank accounts and notify services and utilities.

Conveyancing services are available for the sale of property and/or shares.

Legal Terminology

Administrator – A person who administers a deceased estate when the deceased person has not left a Will

Bequeath – To dispose of personal property by a Will

Beneficiary – A person named in a Will or Trust to receive a gift as detailed in the Will or Trust

Codicil – An addition to a Will which alters, adds to or confirms the contents of a Will

Intestate – When a person dies without making a Will

Executrix – A female who is nominated in a Will to take care of the willmaker’s interests after the willmaker’s death

Letters of Administration – A formal document to allow for the deceased’s estate to be administered if there is no Will

Null – Without legal validity

Testate – When a person dies and has made a Will

Probate – A document granted when all details of a deceased estate are finalised

Testamentary Expenses – Costs incurred by a deceased’s personal representative in administering the estate

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