green folder in rowThe following is a collection of testimonials from our clients:

‘After moving from interstate to the Central Coast of NSW my marriage broke down irretrievably. Knowing no one in my new area friends referred me to Linda Emery and Associates.

Linda Emery and her support team led by Dominique were sensational. My case was particularly difficult as my estranged partner was in Victoria and he had a background in law.

Throughout this ordeal I very much appreciated Linda’s down to earth approach. Linda de-mystified the legal procedures which are at best, baffling and at worst, plain frightening to the lay-person. When I started this ordeal I felt like a ‘rabbit in headlights’ – frozen with fear. As we went through the legal steps Linda’s common sense approach alleviated my fear and I regained not only my emotional equilibrium but also my ability to think, act and most importantly, my self respect.

Many people complain about their legal costs. In all honesty, I believe Linda and her team provided wonderful service and I was very happy to pay their charges which I felt were fair and just.

My matter ended at a phone conciliation conference which tied Linda and Dominique up for quite some time on the day. At no time did this concern them. With Linda’s support, not only did I get to have my say and put forward my story, but she negotiated a very fair settlement to both parties.

In the future, I really hope I don’t need a legal representative! However, if I do need a legal representative or advice I will be calling Linda Emery and Associates – people you can trust.’

                                                                                        * * *

‘Thank you for your hard work and support for my daughter and I. We really appreciate all you have done for our family, it’s wonderful to have a good resolution.’

                                                                                        * * *

‘Thank you for your assistance in this matter and helping me progress through a painless settlement. Thank you and your staff again for all of your assistance.’