How Solicitors Can Help New Home Buyers

If you’re look for an experienced conveyancing solicitor in Gosford, Linda Emery & Associates has a wealth of experience in helping clients buy new homes.

An experienced conveyancing solicitor can help make the process of buying a new home as stress-free as possible.

As well as giving advice and information, preparing legal documents and ensuring that the legal obligations of purchasing a property are completed, conveyancing solicitors can also bring any problems or concerns to your attention.

Solicitors have the knowledge, skills, expertise and qualifications to conduct a variety of property law services.

Other ways solicitors can help new home buyers include:


It can be very beneficial to enlist the help of your conveyancing solicitor as early in the process as possible. Your solicitor can provide advice relating to what searches need to be carried out, and your contract options. For example, if you enter into a contract with a five day cooling off period, or carry out your pre-purchase enquiries and then exchange contracts.

Things to consider:

Whether to carry out a pest and/or building report

Whether to a strata report is available and should be obtained

Whether you have unconditional written loan approval 


Every contract must include a statement in the prescribed form about the cooling-off period. The law gives the buyer of a residential property five business days to withdraw after contracts have been exchanged. Some exemptions do apply and this period may be excluded, shortened or extended.


A conveyancing solicitor can help ensure all paperwork and legalities are covered.


A conveyancing solicitor’s expertise may even help you to eliminate any properties that may not meet all of your requirements, or ones that raise red flags, once the checks have taken place. If you need to back out of a contract, solicitors are able to assess and advise.


It is important to have a solicitor who is knowledgeable, thorough, empathetic and understands their clients’ needs. Between exchange of the contracts and settlement, your conveyancing solicitor will satisfy all requirements and undertake any necessary searches.


If you’ve agreed to purchase a home but have found that the property contains illegal structures, for example extensions constructed without council permission, discovered during the building and pest inspections, then a conveyancing solicitor can assess and advise whether you can rescind on your contract.


A conveyancing solicitor will help you through the settlement process and keep you up to date every step of the way. They handle the settlement and title transfer process and have the client’s best interests in mind; ensuring that the client’s legal obligations are met to ensure their rights are protected during the process.


Solicitors will ensure the financial exchange process takes place as outlined in the instructions. If you’re looking for a solicitor in Gosford who can assist you with buying a home or buying a business entity in the Central Coast, get in touch with trusted Linda Emery & Associates today. Linda has more than 30 years of experience and provides expert legal advice in family law, divorce law, estate law and business law.  From conveyancing and family law to court litigation and estate matters and more. Be assured that we have the latest knowledge on the market of properties and conveyancing in the Central Coast.

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