Defacto Relationship Law on the Gosford Central Coast

Young couple living together under defacto relationship law on the Gosford Central Coast











The law will recognise your relationship if you and your partner – live together in a de facto relationship as partners on a domestic basis for a qualifying period or have a close personal relationship which is between two adult persons, whether or not related by family, where one or other provides domestic support and personal care, which must not be for fee or reward.

If you are in a de facto relationship that has broken down after 1 March 2009,you can make a claim for a property adjustment under the Family Law Act. However, you usually need to show that you have lived together for a least two years. If your relationship has lasted less that two years, you may claim if there is a child of the relationship or you are caring for a child of the other party and the failure to make an order would result in serious injustice to you.

Under the Family Law Act you can seek spousal maintenance if you are unable to support yourself from your own resources and your partner has the capacity to pay maintenance to you. A carer of a child is entitled to child support under the Child Support Assessment Act from the other parent of the child, irrespective of marriage.

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