Our Staff

Staff Group Photo

Staff Group Photo (from left to right, top to bottom): Sue, Dominique, Linda and Sascha.

Linda is the firm’s solicitor with more than 30 years experience.

(refer to Linda’s profile under the tab ‘Linda Emery Solicitor’ for more detailed information).

Sue is our expert Accounts Manager. She is responsible for accounts reconciliation/management

at the firm and is highly proficient in her role. Sue is courteous, friendly and always ready to help clients with any queries they may have.

Dominique is our Family Law, Estates and Litigation specialist and has expanded her knowledge whilst

working for Linda Emery and Associates. She is a mature, confident and highly experienced senior Secretary.

Dominique is an asset to the firm, bringing a wealth of local knowledge and a complete understanding of Family Law and Estates.

Sascha is our experienced and professional Property and Conveyancing Secretary. Sascha is dedicated, thorough and always ready to do her utmost to ensure the satisfaction of our clients at Linda Emery and Associates.

Sascha’s knowledge and experience within the conveyancing industry provides a stress-free conveyancing experience for clients.

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